It all started when...

I grew up a California farm girl in a rural area in central California. Still a farm girl at heart, I love interacting with mother earth (pachamama), people, plants, and animals. From a very young age I have understood the connection of the energetic body to the physical, mental, and spiritual body. I have always loved exploring many ancient wisdoms. This has led me to the founding of Bellandos, Boutique of Natural Wellness.  Guided by Spirit, Angels, and many luminous healers of my shamanic practice, I am excited to share the healing practices of ancient wisdoms.

I obtained a degree in Accounting and practiced as a Certified Public Accountant for over 25 years. There has been many an “Aha” moment realizing that even in business, everything is energy, even money! I have always had a passion to be of service to clients by listening and supporting their endeavors whether for their families or businesses.

My Shift...

I am a graduate with a double certification from the Four Winds School of Energy Medicine and also obtained certification in Dying Consciously -The Greatest Journey, Teachers Training.

I also have an advanced certification from the Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher’s Training mentored by Davidji.

I have traveled and walked the sacred sites of Peru, From the Andes to the Amazon, continuing my own personal journey and also bringing back to my practice the shamanic techniques of healing, ceremony and wisdoms of these sacred lands.

I'm very excited and enthusiastic to share what I have learned as a student of shamanic energetic medicine and the many benefits I have experienced and am still experiencing in my journey through life.

By sharing the wisdom of shamanic energetic medicine, meditation, and other natural wellness techniques, my intention is to invite everyone to remember their own inner sacred space and shine their own light into the world.

Come and join me in exploring your healing journey of empowerment, co-creating your destiny with Spirit and cultivating your best and highest self. Come and experience healing, peace and love!