We invite you to Experience shamanic energy healing. you mAY experience the necessary shifts to remove old patterns, imprints, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. EXPLORE ANCESTRAL HEALING OR PAST LIFE EXPLORATION, ALLOWING YOU TO STEP INTO YOUR DESTINY.

We offer natural holistic wellness services that include shamanic healing, meditation, PAST LIFE REGRESSION, nutritional counseling AND OTHER HEALING MODALITIES.

learn how to shine your light, nuture your visionary SKILLS, tapping into your own WISDOM AND teachings.

Throughout the year we also host community workshops & events that are designed to stimulate your heart, mind, and soul by opening you up to the powerful fundamentals of Energy Medicine.

Everyone has their own unique Luminous Energy Field that surrounds their body and carries their individual stories of their lives, past, and present including ancestral information. When heavy energies are removed, new energy enters your body’s energetic field allowing you to make a shift. Empowering you and your desire to fulfill your souls journey through life.  These shifts happen at all levels of perception through; body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Energetic Sessions may include:

♥ Illumination – Release past events that no longer serve you and move into a life filled with joy and purpose.

♥ Energy Extractions – Remove crystalized or fluid energies. Freeing up the flow of light and energy. Promotes optimal health.

♥ Soul Retrieval – Restores the healthy  matrix of your soul.

♥ Ancestral Healing – Release with love, old family patterns that do not serve you.

♥ Mapping your highest destiny – Discover tools to move forward on your desired destiny.

♥ Intuitive Wellness – Explore intuitive mapping of your potential destinies.