Integrating energy medicine and meditation into your day-to-day life can help facilitate the clearing of your energy, boost mood and grow your connectedness to nature. Here are some inspirational posts to help you get started on your journey and begin working with energetic medicine to empower yourself.



As soon as I returned from my shamanic trip to Peru, I’ve received inquiries from so many of you about what my experience was like.  It held many teachings for me and my shamanic practice. As I work to integrate what I learned and experienced into my life and into my sessions, I wanted to send this message out to give you a little insight into my travels.

The journey to Peru made such an impact on me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our journey included the beautiful Inka city in the clouds, Machu Picchu. We were at the sacred sites of Pumamarca, Moray, and the sacred Mt. Salkantay. These were just a few of the magical places that we visited.

I was blessed to have my husband join me on this journey and we became part of an amazing tribe of spiritual travelers from all over the world. Our guide was Linda Fitch, an amazing shaman from here in the U.S. We were accompanied by the beloved Qero shaman Don Pablo, along with his assistant Wilson, who was a walking history book, shaman, and guide through these sacred sites.

At each stop we did ceremony, stepping into timelessness, engaging with the Divine Spirit, individually and also as a community, honoring, loving, releasing and dreaming for ourselves, each other, and the world.