The Magic of Peru

As soon as I returned from my shamanic trip to Peru, I’ve received inquiries from so many of you about what my experience was like.  It held many teachings for me and my shamanic practice. As I work to integrate what I learned and experienced into my life and into my sessions, I wanted to send this message out to give you a little insight into my travels.

The journey to Peru made such an impact on me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our journey included the beautiful Inka city in the clouds, Machu Picchu. We were at the sacred sites of Pumamarca, Moray, and the sacred Mt. Salkantay. These were just a few of the magical places that we visited.

I was blessed to have my husband join me on this journey and we became part of an amazing tribe of spiritual travelers from all over the world. Our guide was Linda Fitch, an amazing shaman from here in the U.S. We were accompanied by the beloved Qero shaman Don Pablo, along with his assistant Wilson, who was a walking history book, shaman, and guide through these sacred sites.

At each stop we did ceremony, stepping into timelessness, engaging with the Divine Spirit, individually and also as a community, honoring, loving, releasing and dreaming for ourselves, each other, and the world.  

There were tears, sweat, dizziness, strength, gratitude, and so much love!!

Energetically we were there at the summer equinox and a week later we experienced the beautiful full moon at our camp on Mt. Salkantay, 15,750 ft. in the air! Whew! There are no words to describe the beauty of the moon light hitting the snow on Mt. Salkantay. Pure magic!

The energy of this Apu (sacred spirit of the mountain) would teach me a few things!

I learned to engage all my senses including receiving the energy of the mountain to pull me to the top! I called it the Salkantay Energy Elevator. I learned how to receive help from the mountain and also the tribe around me (that’s a big one for me). I learned that I can do anything. Hiking uphill sometimes 10 steps at a time, I made it! In contrast, who knew that I would love hiking downhill so much, it was exhilarating!


Engaging my eyes with the beauty all around, including the llamas, alpaca, cows, and horses that spoke to us along the way. These spirit animals all the while encouraged us that the pilgrimage was in our heart and bones. Stepping into the plants and rocks, waterways and lagoons have now become a part of who I am, or maybe they were here all along! 😉

Then there are the sounds! From Don Pablo’s flute playing while we hiked, (I’m not sure how he does that, I was struggling for air 😆). It was a mesmerizing sound that gave me lightness in my steps, sounds of the babbling brooks we walked by, the lowing of cows, the call of birds. We were graced with 2 condors overhead, and also the crack of Avalanches high upon the mountain. To hear and see this was stunning!

Emotions overcame me several times as I learned and healed. Spirit and the Incan luminous healers speaking to me at these sacred sites, at the waters, and through the people of this beautiful country.

So many emotions, feelings. My own and also feelings I received from engaging with the beautiful people of this land.

So many times, their smiles and kind hearts were teaching us all, lifting us and making us feel welcome in a new land. The people are so gracious, and taught me so much about gratitude and Ayni - reciprocity.

They live by the saying “today for you, tomorrow for me”. Living in right relationship will all things. A daily practice on this human experience that is invaluable.

There were challenges, flow, and also shedding of past beliefs and stories, so much so that when I returned home, I looked at my life with new eyes. I brought this sacred connection home with me!

I came back from this trip stronger, with a stronger relationship with my husband and more grounded in my medicine - wondering why I had been so stressed out over such small, inconsequential perceptions at home.

Being present back home was precious. Gratitude for the little things in life, knowing that I would be navigating differently now. I am allowing the energy of Peru to keep informing me on a daily basis, knowing that these sacred lands hold me in love and connection to Mother Earth and the Incan lineage, the Q’ero people.

And so I ask you, dear reader, where are you being called? What sacred journey would you like to experience? A far-off land or maybe a sacred journey right here at home?

For me, it begins again, I am being called back to Peru! The journey continues in October 2018, to Northern Peru. Stay Tuned!

There is so much more to tell about this journey, if you would like further information on the trip we experienced, please connect me at  I would be honored to answer any of your questions.

Many blessings and safe travels!

Patty Bellando-Field