How to Handle Big Changes in your Life

I have recently had a lot of questions around how to embrace the inevitable changes that come with living, loving and experiencing our time on this beautiful Earth. Many of my clients are experiencing different changes this year that were either expected or a big surprise! A few of them can say that their current life doesn’t look anything like what it did last year, right down to their career path, home, and significant other. Whew! There are the changes that we contemplate and participate in making a conscious decision to change and there are the changes that seem to be thrust upon us. Either way, moving through change sometimes can be overwhelming and unsettling. So, the question is how do you know when it is time for a change and whether or not you gracefully ease in the new direction or go ahead and make the 90’ turn. How can we accept when change seems to have been thrust upon us?Sometimes we embrace change and other times we go kicking and screaming into the parameters of the new situation. It is up to us on how we are going to perceive and move with the change or fight against it.

I want to share a few energetic tools on how to navigate times of great change……

  1. Know that Spirit (God, Universe, etc.) is always working on your behalf. Trusting that Spirit is always conspiring on your behalf gives you the mindset to embrace what is shifting.

  2. Be the Peaceful Warrior vs. The Victim. This contemplation helps us to understand that we do have a voice as to how our life will go. There are always choices to make. If you find the outcome of a choice unappealing, choose again. Remember, life doesn’t just happen to us, every minute of every day is an opportunity to live our best life.

  3. Honor your Journey. Here is an opportunity to integrate where you have been and where you are going! Carve out time to honor yourself and your life, either by journaling about events and feelings, painting, or setting up an honoring table giving symbolic life to things you are leaving behind and embracing what is to come. Get creative!

  4. Ceremony. Go out in nature and share an offering of flowers and your prayers with Spirit and Mother Earth. Give gratitude for all changing experiences even the ones we think are negative. Perception may say that the lost job is a negative event when in fact it may be the catalyst to a bigger blessing of a new and rewarding career path. See if you can find the gift in the changes that are perceived as negative.

  5. Care for your Energetic Body. Caring for ourselves energetically leads to a healthier body, mind, and spirit. Being mindful of how our feelings are affecting us energetically and physically is the first step to optimum health during times of great change. Please contact me if you have further questions on this one.

  6. Meditation. Sitting in stillness and checking in with our heart allows us to gain clarity and peace with what changes we are experiencing. If you need help starting or jumpstarting your practice, please contact me.

These few tips can make all the difference in the world on how we integrate, perceive, and embrace the changes happening in all our lives.

Please email me if you would like to further explore how to navigate change through shamanic healing and meditation.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

Much love and blessings, Patty

Patty Bellando-Field