The Shamanic Life

Very few – if any – in the United States grow up thinking they’re going to be a shaman. You grow up with stereotypes of medicine men and women in far off lands that you’ll never be apart of. It was quite a revelation – as it often is – to find myself walking this path, integrating shamanic traditions in my normal life eventually using the tools I was taught to live in this world as a shaman.

I love being asked questions because it gives me pause to reflect on just what does a shamanic life mean to me.  I am very passionate about my work as a shaman, and when I reflect on my journey as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend and CPA, I am reminded that I have really in many ways been living a shamanic life from the beginning, in this life and in many other lives. As you can see I have cultivated many titles. Shamanically I know that I am a reflection, an essence of the Universe, Spirit, God, whatever your word is for the collective universe of LOVE.

So, let’s explore how that shows up in this world of ours.

All indigenous cultures have shamans that reside in their communities. They are the men and women that administer healing, hold the medicines, conduct sacred ceremonies and connect their community to the unseen world. They are the spiritual teachers, holding sacred space for the communities’ daily activities. They remind the community of their unique place in the Universe, teaching the understanding that All is One.

Shamanism is the understanding that All is One.  The earth, plants, animals, human beings, creepy crawlers, and the many luminous healers, ancients, and ancestors of the past, and also the descendants from the time to come - they are all one.

Shamanism is a way of life, working with the sacred, and reminding others of the sacred work they are here to share.

Shamans point to the beauty of all. Encouraging, empowering, and facilitating healing for others.

Living a shamanic life encourages us to live in Right Relationship (Ayni). In reciprocity to all things. Right Wisdom (thinking), Right Love (emotion), Right Action. When we cultivate Ayni with all things we can live a peaceful, more harmonious and free life.

Even though we may not live in the mountains or jungles of Peru, or other indigenous communities, each and every one of us has an opportunity in our own families and communities, to practice these principles in our everyday life. These principles can be cultivated to lend peace, acceptance and love to all of our fellow beings and all other life forms.

Besides the impact that shamanic principles can have on our journey, there is also the various medicines of the shaman. My medicine includes a practice of energy medicine. Here is where I have the honor, privilege, and gratitude to work with people energetically, assisting them in releasing old stories and limiting beliefs that no longer serve them. We may also work through trauma and grief, restoring a sense of oneness with Spirit, healing ourselves.

It’s time to let go, move on, become the creators of our next chapter. What do you want?  

Since my journey began years ago studying shamanic energy medicine, I am amazed by the shifts, transformations, and ease that I have cultivated in my life. This gave me the courage to step out and share this beautiful practice with others.

Energy medicine is life changing. When we care for our energetic body we are inviting our physical, emotional, and spiritual body to heal. This is where the alchemy is, the change to what’s possible in our lives. The blessing of aging with grace and vitality.

Sometimes when I am engaging in discussing the beauty of the shamanic life, I will hear,“you don’t look like a shaman”. I truly believe that anyone can live a shamanic life. It is not just for a chosen few. Anyone can embrace moving through this life leading with their heart for all sentient beings. Practicing connecting to all things, holding a space of love for all things.

Please reach out if you would like more information on the Shamanic Llife or would like to experience a Shamanic energy medicine session.

Much love and blessings to all,