Optimizing Your Energetic Body

Now that you have your routine down for your summer beach bod, it’s a great time to up your energetic body too. Placing our attention on exercise, eating a nutritious diet optimizes our physical body and primes us to work on our energetic body.

How can your energetic body benefit from a physical fitness routine? What is your energetic body?

We all know we have one - just stand in any checkout line and I’m sure you have “sensed” someone behind you without looking around. Maybe you even receive information that they are male or female, or maybe you sense that they are not feeling good that day.

We all are sensory beings, receiving information with our energetic body, which relays the information to your physical body and mind. Optimizing our bodies with healthy foods and supporting our health with exercise helps clear our energetic field and grants easier access.

If you are interested in additional info on the anatomy of our energetic body, watch for upcoming dates for our September series, Optimize your Energetic Health

For now, I want to share just a few tips to optimize your energetic health.

When we pay attention to our self energetically we can clear heavy energetic clutter that weighs us down leaving a healthier, lighter energetic field. When we place our attention on the energetics of life we have an opportunity to release old stories, limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, and trauma. We become self-referencing. We gain access to our own personal wisdom. We give ourselves the opportunity to age differently - clarity in our destiny.

Here are just a few tips to optimizing your energetic health.

·     Know your Energetic Landscape: Take the time to find what the anatomy of your energetic field is.

·     Clear the Clutter: What old stories do you tell yourself causing you to take little or no action in realizing your dreams?

        o  Write down what they are and safely burn them. Fire is energetically transformative  o  Use a crystal, especially Selenite to release heavy energies that have accumulated  o  Get out of the office or house and be outside. Soak up the Earth’s energy. Mother Earth is always ready to share her bounty, beauty and grace with you. Walk, hike or just sit with the trees.

·     Meditation: I know you have heard this a thousand times, but REALLY it works, and it is so easy.  Let me know if you need further guidance on this one.

·     Develop a Mindful Breathing Practice: Your breath is your Life Force. It is everything. Just by slowing your breath to a 4-count breath, 4 in, hold 4, 4 out, hold 4, and then around again can make all the difference. If the 4 count is comfortable, increase the timing a little at a time to what’s comfortable for you. When you are mindful of your breath you can influence your nervous system, assisting it to function at its best and highest.

·     See your Energetic Practitioner: Sometimes there are stubborn or deep seeded energies that could use the assistance of a professional. These could occur due to trauma, grief, or past life experiences.

These are just a few suggestions that will help you begin to optimize your energetic health!

Interested in learning more, look at our upcoming September series on Optimizing your Energetic Health

Many blessings and love,



Patty Bellando-Field