Celebrating Mother Earth


Today we celebrate Earth Day! As a practicing shaman, we recognize the daily connection to Mother Earth (also known as Pachamana- “World Mother”)

Celebrating and honoring the love and abundance of Pachamama each day gives one the opportunity to feel the natural connection of “Earth Energy” on a daily basis.

Giving gratitude for all of the mother’s abundance, how it cradles us, provides for us, and transmutes energy for us.  That which we release is given to the Earth for her growth. That which she releases gives us life. What a great gift of reciprocity! We are all interdependent!

Pachamama is also seen as one of creativity, giving birth to life by lovingly sowing seeds, nurturing those seeds, just like our dreams and bringing them to fruition. Give your dreams to pachamama and watch how they grow and mature into the abundance you wish to harvest in your life.

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, and every other day of the year I wanted to offer a way to get in touch with the energy of Mother Earth. Let’s take a moment together and reconnect to this loving, nurturing energy, filled with gratitude as well as providing you with a dose of self-care.