Clearing the Clutter for Clarity


Wow, January and February are in the rear view mirror! That happened fast! Today I was thinking about the new intentions, experiences and life qualities I set for myself at the beginning of the year. As my mind was giving me the “let’s get moving on these intentions” pep talk, it dawned on me that I needed to make space energetically and physically to allow for my planted seeds of intentions to flourish.  Clearing out physical and energetic clutter that no longer serves us, gives us the space to allow our intentions and resolutions to be planted, nurtured, and cultivated on a daily basis.  When we make physical and energetic space we are giving our new intentions, qualities, and experiences the care and attention needed to thrive. Remember the saying: Where your attention goes, energy flows! Well, hard to flow if the clutter is building up!

By clearing the clutter and focusing our attention on the the 5 realms of our desires we can dream and experience the life we are called to.

The 5 Realms:

  • physical

  • emotional

  • relationships

  • material

  • spiritual

Let’s explore these areas and begin to dream and create the life we wish to experience.

What do you wish to experience in each of the 5 Realms?

Sit quietly, take a few long slow deep breaths in and out, and close your eyes for a few minutes. Now write out a few words or draw images that come to mind when you place your attention on the 5 realms of your life. What are the qualities you wish to cultivate in each realm? Could you be longing for a healthier lifestyle, maybe more joy and contentment each day? Would you like to bring peace to a troubled relationship, purchase that new home, or connect to your soul’s calling through meditation?

What no longer serves you in the 5 Realms?

Once you have gained clarity on the quality of your life’s desires, begin to contemplate what in these areas no longer serve you; what is limiting you in these areas, what one small thing can you take action on that will clear out the clutter?

Here are some quick and easy ideas in a few of the realms for you to experiment with.


  1. Clear out the kitchen pantry! Organize and create new space for foods that will nourish your mind, body, and soul.

  2. Notice your breathing. Are you holding your breath? Slow and deep breathing will change up your physical responses to stress. Creating energetic space to give you new physical energy to take action.


  1. Get out a paper and pen: What is bugging you? Be honest. Now take what you have written down and burn it! Let it go!

  2. In a Funk? Go outside! Clear out energetic clutter by stepping outside and noticing the natural world, really look around and listen to Nature. Try it barefoot! Dig those toes into the dirt or sand. Feel it!

  3. Clear out emotional clutter by showing a stranger or loved one a random act of kindness. It really works to relieve the “pity party” when you do something kind.


  1. Clean out one closet.

  2. Finish one repair project at home.

  3. Chose to organize files and financial papers. This sets the intention of financial respect and gratitude.


  1. Ask your heart: are the people I have surrounded myself with supporting my dreams? If not, is it time to release or re-tool the relationship?

  2. Where in my relationships can I graciously use the word “no”?

  3. Take 10 minutes today to be alone. Nurturing the relationship with yourself creates space to hear your inner guidance.


  1. Ask the question, are there spiritual beliefs that no longer serve you?

  2. Can I shut off electronic devices for 15 minutes to sit in stillness and explore my hearts desires. Make that connection to the wisest person who knows you, Yourself.


We invite you to start Clearing the Clutter from the 5 realms! Give yourself the gift of space. Space allows for Clarity to permeate every aspect of your life. Clarity will provide the fuel to reach for what you are longing for. You are Choosing to make choices that move you towards your dreams.

If by chance you make a choice that doesn’t make you happy, CHOOSE AGAIN! This is truly the blessing of life that you can choose again and again. You have the power to dream and create your existence, making your heart sing!

Let me know how these techniques worked for you. I am here to answer questions and if you would like further assistance on the 5 Realms please contact me at Let’s clear that Clutter together!

Many blessings and peace,