Spring Is In The Air!

Spring Time! A time of renewal and rebirth!

I am so excited to share a renewal of my own personal health!
I am a walking testament that Energy Medicine and Meditation really does flow to the physical body! I have been on thyroid medicine for over 5 years. At the beginning of the year I felt that the medicine was causing more harm than good. I stopped taking the medicine and waited a month or so before having my thyroid tested, and YES!! my thyroid tested normal in 3 different tests. Please know that I am not suggesting you stop taking any of your medications without consulting your physician, but simply be aware of the physical changes you may benefit from when practicing energy medicine and meditation. There are scientific tests that now prove at the very least, blood pressure can regulate and hormones may come into alignment when practicing energy medicine and meditation. These are just a few of the physical benefits that are now being proven.
Keep up your practices and if I can be of any support to you please contact me.
We celebrate Mother Earth on the 22nd of April. Please see the details below for the Ayni Despacho (prayer bundle) we will offer to the fire during our Earth Day Full Moon Fire, the evening of the 21st.
Wishing you a happy healthy spring! Make sure to take time to stop and really look at, listen, and smell the flowers in your personal sacred space on this beautiful Mother Earth!!