The Shamanic Life

Very few – if any – in the United States grow up thinking they’re going to be a shaman. You grow up with stereotypes of medicine men and women in far off lands that you’ll never be apart of. It was quite a revelation – as it often is – to find myself walking this path, integrating shamanic traditions in my normal life eventually using the tools I was taught to live in this world as a shaman.

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Optimizing Your Energetic Body

Now that you have your routine down for your summer beach bod, it’s a great time to up your energetic body too. Placing our attention on exercise, eating a nutritious diet optimizes our physical body and primes us to work on our energetic body.

How can energetic body benefit from physical fitness routine? What is your energetic body?

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Patty Bellando-Field
Grow in Your Divineness!

It’s a time to slow down, practice self-care, and kick butt growing our own Unique Divineness!!! I love that word! Divineness! I’m sure it isn’t in the dictionary but for me it means to cultivate our own personal wisdom by giving ourselves permission to grow in the areas we are planted and also allow ourselves to have new experiences, giving us the chance to thrive and grow!

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Clearing the Clutter for Clarity

As my mind was giving me the “let’s get moving on these intentions” pep talk, it dawned on me that I needed to make space energetically and physically to allow for my planted seeds of intentions to flourish.  Clearing out physical and energetic clutter that no longer serves us, gives us the space to allow our intentions and resolutions to be planted, nurtured, and cultivated on a daily basis

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Spring Is In The Air!

Spring Time! A time of renewal and rebirth!

I am so excited to share a renewal of my own personal health!
I am a walking testament that Energy Medicine and Meditation really does flow to the physical body! I have been on thyroid medicine for over 5 years.

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