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Optimize Your Energetic Body

  • Bellandos Boutique of Natural Wellness (map)


2018 has moved at a neck-breaking pace, right? I’ve seen it in my own life and definitely in my client sessions – so many things to do, dealing with our lives in this collective agreement to live our human experience in linear time.  Time moving so quickly, doing our best to bring harmony to our lives on a daily basis. How many balls in the air are you juggling today? We’re already arrived in August!

I use many shamanic techniques to help bring harmony, flow, and peace to myself and I also share these teachings with my clients. If you can optimize your energy, you can navigate the daily pressures and time constraints like seaweed planted on the ocean bed, going with the flow and being able to experience life as it comes.

Many people are unaware that maintaining and optimizing your energetic body is just as important as taking care of your physical one. Because of what I’m seeing in my sessions and with the people in my life I’ve created a one-day workshop to help you tap into your energetic field, to empower you.

Working daily with people’s energy bodies and sharing techniques with them, I see the shift in how they show up in the world. Acknowledging and optimizing your energetic body helps you to deal with trauma, fears and obstacles that show up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Provoking your physical body to send you many messages such as fatigue, disharmony and illness.

When we spend time together in this workshop, we will go way beyond the chakras - we'll explore many principles including opening sacred space. We’ll also learn about our own Navigation System, and how to calm and care for our  Fight or Flight response. You will learn how to trust your own intuition and decision-making process no matter what the situation.

This one-day gathering will be on  Saturday, September 15th at Bellandos Boutique of Natural Wellness in Carlsbad, CA.

Until them, wishing you many blessings and I look forward to working with you!


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