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I can’t say enough about Patty. She is a true healer! When I began working with Patty I was experiencing shortness of breath all day, every day. I could not determine the true reason for feeling this way, which made it even more confusing and frustrating. Patty guided me every step of the way through the process of healing, learning about the cause of these symptoms and how to clear energy. She not only cleared the negative energy I was storing at each session but taught me how to become more aware of what was causing it and how to maintain this new found health. After only four sessions over a four month period I have been symptom free for a month and a half. I look forward to continuing to work with Patty to further expand and develop as an individual, and am forever grateful for her support, knowledge, and guidance.
— Brooke
The human experience can bring with it many trials and periods of difficulty. When we feel lost, confused, or uncentered that is when the universe in perfect timing brings us mists from heaven to help guide and encourage us. Patty is an inhale of peace and joy, creating the most delicious exhale for the spirit. I have had many sessions with her for a few years now, every time walking in feeling off balanced or worn out but then leaving feeling refreshed with renewed strength.
— Ashley
Patty is amazing! I was going through some changes and challenges that were causing me to not sleep. I was also experiencing being wakened through the night and felt like a few family members in the heavens were trying to communicate with me. Working we Patty helped me to release as well as understand these angels can be great guidance and pure love.I feel more grounded and sleeping much better since my last session. I look forward to learning and exploring more of Patty’s Shamanic work.
— JaDee
Patty is my guiding light for my mind. A breath of fresh air in my Soul, helping me through my difficulties in life and love. I have been going to Patty as my healer and counselor. Patty has given me tools to understand how to release and appreciate what I have gone through and what I must leave behind and let go so I may look forward to a healthy future, mind, body, & Soul. Enlightening me to a more desirable relaxing life.
— Melanie